World’s ugliest buildings – Take 2

As many of you know, last year’s list of the “World’s Ugliest Buildings” not only made the front page of, but caused quite the controversy in Boston where some took issue with our choice of Boston City Hall as the world’s ugliest building.

As comprehensive as the list was, there are still dozens of buildings out there that make us want to avert our eyes when we walk by, so with that in mind, we’ve compiled our 2nd Annual List of The World’s Ugliest Buildings! Enjoy!

From the merely unpleasant to the borderline criminal, ugly buildings somehow manage to pop up in even the prettiest cities. With this in mind, has announced its 2nd Annual List of the “World’s Top 10 Ugly Buildings,” as decided by its members and editors. general manager, Giampiero Ambrosi discusses the list’s significance: “Many of these buildings don’t have the warmth of an ice cube while others don’t even seem completed. Either way, they make for very interesting conversation.”

My personal best goes to #8, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. I wish it would finish falling down.

3 thoughts on “World’s ugliest buildings – Take 2

  1. gordeecampbell says:

    The whole boondoggle renovation was under the chairmanship of a Canadian neo-con William Thorsell.

    This arrogant shit head screwed up a perfectly good institution. Like he cheered people like Mike Harris, neo-con screw up Premier of Ontario.

    However, what the ugly design did do, was get natural light into the display galleries. Its like barfing, one needs it and feels good after but is still ugly.

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