Have a bit of spare time? — you can help out watching penguins!

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British scientists who have set up a network of penguin-monitoring cameras in Antarctica are asking the public to help them carry out their research…

In “PenguinWatch 2.0“, people will be able to see the results of their online efforts to monitor and conserve Antarctica’s penguins colonies.

Lead researcher Dr Tom Hart is also encouraging school groups to adopt their own colony – following and monitoring its progress and “learning about Antarctica along the way.”…

The team now has more than 75 cameras all over Antarctica and sub-Antarctic islands.

Their monitoring work – including a collaboration with a penguin census that has been operated by US organisation Oceanites since 1994 – has already shown a link between climate change and a decline in Adelie and Chinstrap penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula.

But with their large camera network in place, and each camera automatically taking a picture every hour throughout the year, the researchers now have a backlog of hundreds of thousands of images they are yet to analyse.

“We can’t do this work on our own, and every penguin that people click on and count on the website – that’s all information that tells us what’s happening at each nest, and what’s happening over time,” said Dr Hart.

Worthwhile endeavor. My retirement time has beaucoup projects already in place, things I watch, things I report on and comment about. But, aiding scientists in a critical envirosphere like the Antarctic can always use your help. Contact PenguinWatch 2.0 here.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

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