Trump gives up on forcing TWITTER to turn over names of anti-Trump opposition users

❝ The U.S. government has dropped its request for Twitter to produce records that could identify users behind an account opposed to President Donald Trump…

As a result, Twitter is withdrawing a federal lawsuit that challenged the government’s request. On Thursday, Twitter charged that efforts by the government to “unmask” the people behind the account violated the First Amendment

❝ “The speed with which the government buckled shows just how blatantly unconstitutional its demand was in the first place,” American Civil Liberties Union attorney Esha Bhandari said in a statement. Bhandari represents the unidentified person or people behind the Twitter account.

❝ The account in question is @ALT_uscis, a reference to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. In the two months of its existence, the account has been critical of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. The account described its users to The Associated Press in February as employees and former employees of the agency.

The account is one of dozens of rogue Twitter accounts that have sprung up since Trump took office, purporting to represent current or former federal employees at various agencies who oppose the administration’s policies. Other such “alternative” — or “alt” — accounts include @Alt_CDC for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and @AltUSEPA for the Environmental Protection Agency…

I think someone must have explained the First Amendment to Trump. Not that he’d agree with most of the Bill of Rights. He’s just stuck with it.

2 thoughts on “Trump gives up on forcing TWITTER to turn over names of anti-Trump opposition users

  1. Ministry of Truth says:

    “Trump replaces FCC member in bid to push through Twitter/Facebook crackdown : nominates NTIA official who helped write White House’s social media order.”
    “Trump, who is angry about Twitter and Facebook’s treatment of his posts, needs three votes on the five-member FCC to get the NTIA petition approved. The two Democrats oppose it, saying the petition amounts to the FCC becoming the president’s “speech police.”
    Trump has the support of Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, who has explicitly and repeatedly supported Trump’s social media crackdown and criticized Twitter for adding a fact check to Trump’s claims that mail-in ballots will be “substantially fraudulent.”
    The question mark is Chairman Ajit Pai, who hasn’t weighed in publicly on the Trump administration petition.
    During the Obama administration, Pai claimed that the White House orchestrated the FCC’s imposition of net neutrality rules and said, “We shouldn’t be a rubber stamp for political decisions made by the White House.” Trump is taking a much more direct role in trying to set FCC policy but Pai has not publicly made the same criticism of Trump that he made of President Obama.”

    See also: “Trump pulls re-nomination of FCC Republican who stood up for First Amendment”

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