Goodbye, Oberführer Trump

Under many names – including Paul Leka’s GLENWOODS – this song was written by Leka, Gary DeCarlo [sang the lead] and Dale Frashuer in the early 60’s. This 1969 version lipsyncs an earlier recording…fronted by Leka’s 1969-70 road band STEAM.

I probably went to elementary school in the East End of Bridgeport with some of the originals. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Oberführer Trump

  1. Nerobefehl says:

    ▶️ “GSA Holds the Key to When or If Biden Gets Access to Full Transition Resources : With President Trump’s campaign threatening lawsuits, it is unclear when GSA would grant access to full transition resources.” (GovExec November 6, 2020)
    ▶️ “A nonpartisan group of officials and presidential transition experts have urged the Trump administration to immediately begin the process of transferring executive power to President-elect Joe Biden.
    In a letter, the Center for Presidential Transition called on the General Services Administration to “immediately begin the post-election transition process.” (UPI 11/9/20)
    ▶️ “President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign is urging the head of the General Services Administration (GSA) to approve the beginning stages of an official transfer of power as President Trump refuses to acknowledge the outcome of the presidential election.
    A GSA spokesperson told The Hill, however, that Administrator Emily Murphy, a political appointee named to the post by Trump, is waiting to determine that “a winner is clear.” (The Hill
    ▶️ “Here Are All the Lawsuits the Trump Campaign Has Filed Since Election Day—And Why Most Are Unlikely to Go Anywhere” (TIME 11/8/20)
    ▶️ “Trump team vows more lawsuits in key states, as top Republicans mum on projected Biden win” (Fox News 11/8/20)

  2. Judges 16:30 says:

    “The White House is instructing federal agencies to fire political appointees of President Donald Trump who are looking for job opportunities after Trump’s election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.
    A senior administration official says presidential personnel director John McEntee, the president’s former personal aide, told White House liaisons at departments that they should terminate any political appointees seeking new work while Trump has refused to accept the electoral results.
    The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.
    Trump’s term ends at noon on Jan. 20. Several thousand political appointees across the government will see their jobs end by that date.”
    John David McEntee II (born May 9, 1990) is an American political advisor and former athlete who serves as the Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office in the Trump Administration. McEntee was asked to take on the role of body man and personal aide to the President shortly after Trump was elected. He was unable to obtain a security clearance and was dismissed in March 2018 amid allegations of gambling debts and financial crimes, but immediately took up a position as a senior advisor to Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. McEntee controversially returned to working in the White House, becoming the Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel in February 2020. Controversy increased when Trump assigned McEntee the task of identifying for removal political appointees and career officials who are insufficiently loyal, a task that aligns with the President’s focus on acting against actual and perceived disloyalty.
    Prior to working in the White House Office, McEntee was the starting quarterback for the UConn Huskies football team.

  3. Reichsjustizministerium says:

    “The Justice Department’s top election crimes prosecutor resigned Monday in protest after Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors that they should examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify results in the coming weeks.
    Richard Pilger, director of the elections crimes branch in the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, told colleagues in an email that the attorney general was issuing “an important new policy abrogating the forty-year-old Non-Interference Policy for ballot fraud investigations in the period prior to elections becoming certified and uncontested.” Pilger also forwarded the memo to colleagues in his resignation letter.”
    “The Justice Department May Have Violated Attorney General Barr’s Own Policy Memo : In a memo from May, the attorney general reminded Justice Dept. prosecutors to avoid partisan politics. Then a U.S. attorney in Pennsylvania announced an election investigation that had partisan overtones.
    “New Justice Dept. election fraud guidance could allow boosting of Trump’s exaggerated claims, legal observers say”

  4. Ministry of Truth says:

    “With President-elect Joe Biden’s lead in Georgia growing, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday night to claim victory in the Peach State.
    For much of Monday, Biden’s lead was in excess of 10,000 votes. By 8:30 p.m., it had grown to 11,413.”
    “Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue of Georgia demanded the resignation on Monday of Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican.
    The two senators cited “mismanagement and lack of transparency” as the reason for their demand but did not cite evidence for either.
    Raffensperger called their complaints “laughable” and said President Donald Trump remains on track to lose the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden.”
    “Trump’s recount team wants full hand-count of ballots” [nearly 5 million ballots were cast]
    4,988,179 total votes registered as of 9 AM Tuesday [10.6 million people are residents of the state of Georgia]
    Recount laws in Georgia:

  5. Spoiler alert says:

    “Here’s the real reason Mitch McConnell won’t say Trump should concede” (CNN)
    “Are presidents required by the Constitution to concede?” (Fox News)
    “Deborah Birx has not been approached by team Biden about staying on as a government employee” (CNN) “A major caveat that could prevent Biden’s from reaching out to Birx thus far involves the new administration having to get permission from the current administration if it wishes to employ or officially approach anyone in the executive branch or any federal post.”
    Presidential Transition Enhancement Act of 2019 [Public Law 116–121]

  6. Machtergreifung says:

    “Trump privately discussing 2024 run”

    “Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are making moves to expand their influence at the Republican National Committee, three GOP sources, including advisers to the President tell CNN. Some sources say they may seek to take over the party structure themselves.
    President Donald Trump’s eldest son and his girlfriend, a Trump campaign fundraiser and former Fox News host, have made it clear to campaign and White House officials they are unhappy with RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who they view as not having done enough to win a close race.
    Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle could seek leadership roles at the RNC to position the committee for a comeback run for the President in 2024, the sources said.”

    “As president, Donald Trump selectively revealed highly classified information to attack his adversaries, gain political advantage and to impress or intimidate foreign governments, in some cases jeopardizing U.S. intelligence capabilities. As an ex-president, there’s every reason to worry he will do the same, thus posing a unique national security dilemma for the Biden administration, current and former officials and analysts said.”

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