The MAGA-Evangelical Alliance

In many American places on a pleasant Sunday afternoon it is possible…to have coffee in the city at a bohemian cafe draped with rainbow banners, then to drive 30 or 45 minutes into the country to find small towns where Confederate and Trump flags are flown. The United States sometimes feels like two nations, divided by adornments defiantly affirming their political and cultural affinities.

…But, as a religious person (on my better days), what concerns me are the perverse and dangerous liberties many believers have taken with their own faith. Much of what considers itself Christian America has assumed the symbols and identity of white authoritarian populism — an alliance that is a serious, unfolding threat to liberal democracy…

Leaders in the Republican Party have fed, justified and exploited conservative Christians’ defensiveness in service to an aggressive, reactionary politics. This has included deadly mask and vaccine resistance, the discrediting of fair elections, baseless accusations of gay “grooming” in schools, the silencing of teaching about the United States’ history of racism, and (for some) a patently false belief that Godless conspiracies have taken hold of political institutions.

Michael Gerson’s article carries on through a piece of the Washington POST…properly analytical IMHO…and worthy of reading and reflection. His views aren’t mine. But, you’re at least as unlikely to bump into his views as folks who don’t read leftwing blogs like mine…are to read criticism this literate about the Republican Party.

2 thoughts on “The MAGA-Evangelical Alliance

  1. Chrizzart says:

    In a Dec. 2020 meeting with Christian Nationalists, Doug Mastriano, the man who would become the GOP nominee for governor prayed for MAGA to ‘Seize the Power’ ahead of Jan. 6 and Congress to “disregard” Pennsylvania’s election results.
    The prayer meeting — one of a series of nearly two dozen “Global Prayer for Election Integrity” calls organized between election day and Jan. 6 — was organized by Jim Garlow, a prominent figure in the far-right New Apostolic Restoration movement. Garlow believes that U.S. government should operate according to biblical principles, because, “He knows best how government is to function.” Mastriano’s participation on the call was first reported by Right Wing Watch last year, but the video of Mastriano’s remarks is published here for first time:

    Theocracy is a form of government in which one or more deities of some type are recognized as supreme ruling authorities, giving divine guidance to human intermediaries who manage the day-to-day affairs of the government.

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