Rivian truck sighting

On our usual Sunday morning grocery expedition. Helen parked at one of the big box supermarkets stores for Opal Apples and some Cara-Caras. Leaving me listening to music for the short wait. Our usual stop to complete our weekly needs was coming up – Trader Joe’s – and for some reason, we thought they were sold out of those two essentials.

Helen went into the store. As noted, I was listening to music out in the Mav [her name is Moxie] and my first ever sighting of a Rivian pickup truck happened in the next parking spot. Gray – just like the press photo up top. Couple inside hopped out and headed into the store for some portion of their morning’s shopping. Helen was back out in another few minutes and we both took note of – and discussed the Rivian – before heading off to TJ’s.

Have to say it looked pretty snazzy. Didn’t even think of taking a side-by-side comparison snap with my iPhone. And it should look snazzy. You can buy three Mavericks for the price tag of one of these Rivians. Not equivalent comparisons; but, different lifestyle categories to begin with.

Still, it’s nice to see what sort of high quality folks at a startup like Rivian can rollout the door.

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