Texas politicians say they’re not getting enough — Pass a pole tax!

Texas wants strip-club owners to pay millions of dollars owed on a $5-per-patron tax imposed in 2007 that they have left unpaid amid court challenges, according to a letter from Comptroller Susan Combs.

Combs said in the April 11 letter that the clubs have to cough up the so-called pole tax even as the legal case continues, because courts have ruled it valid…

Under the Sexually Oriented Business Fee Act passed seven years ago, a business that offers live nude entertainment and alcohol must remit $5 to the comptroller for each patron. After lawmakers passed the legislation, owners of businesses led by the Texas Entertainment Association filed a lawsuit claiming the tax violated the First Amendment.

The state Supreme Court ruled in August 2011 that the tax didn’t harm the clubs’ freedom of speech. Clubs continued to fight the case in lower and appellate courts, but there has been no activity since April 2013, according to dockets.

Yes, nothing seems to drive politics and profits in this land more than sex. The all-time top traffic-getter in this, my personal blog, goes back to practically the first day I moved this blog over to wordpress.com.

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