Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to film in New Mexico

Morocco, Shmorocco – I can’t tell the difference either

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was scheduled to shoot in Africa, but with the Ebola virus epidemic going on there, it’s probably best to stay home. Instead, it looks like Deming, New Mexico will be filling in as a replacement location. Henry Cavill News spotted a posting on the New Mexico Film Office website, which was looking for extras for a Warner Bros. movie back in September…

According to the casting notice, entire families age 8 and older are needed to re-create an African village scene. The deserts in New Mexico can easily pass for Morocco, the location in Africa that they originally wanted to shoot at. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crew is expected to film in New Mexico in mid-November, right after they’re done in Chicago, Illinois…

Holy Javelina, Batman!

Thanks, Mike

17 thoughts on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to film in New Mexico

  1. allthoughtswork says:

    No matter how much I tan, I will never get that gig. (sigh) The downsides of being a blonde Caucasian chick always hit you right in the Hollywood. O’Reilly would be a fool not to work this into his next white racism rant.

    Come on, admit it, Mike, you know you’re going to try to find the filming site and watch.

  2. Back2one says:

    ‘Batman vs. Superman’ wraps filming in Taos Ski Valley (12/10/14) “The production estimates that they spent more than $13 million in the New Mexico economy, on everything from local construction hires to lumber and catering supplies. The film completed its principal photography in New Mexico, after shooting in Michigan and Illinois. The production company estimates that it hired approximately 200 New Mexico crew members during the course of the production.” (Nick Maniatis, New Mexico Film Office Director)

  3. Ugh says:

    “Native American Actors Quit Adam Sandler’s ‘Ridiculous Six’ Over Racist Jokes “The Ridiculous Six” began production this month in Sante Fe and northern New Mexico. It is produced by Sandler and Allen Covert and expected to star Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, Dan Aykroyd, Jon Lovitz and Vanilla Ice. The film, said to be a satire of “The Magnificent Seven,” is slated for a Netflix-only release.”

  4. Local Yocal says:

    (5/20/15) “Emily Blunt & Benicio Del Toro On How ‘Sicario’ Takes Drug Cartel Movies To New High – Cannes Video” Note “Sicario” shot in N.M. Re: Matt Page (in production still) see

  5. Basil Brush says:

    ‘Batman v Superman’ Is Fascism v Jesus” “Playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne sulks in the batcave watching footage of Superman. He thinks the alien is a threat and he wants to do something about it. Alfred, his butler and constant companion, urges caution.
    “This is how the fever starts,” he says. “That feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” He’s right and Wayne follows through in a textbook manner — becoming the kind of blunt instrument of cruelty he once fought against. This is an early scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which may as well be Dawn of Fascism.
    Director Zack Snyder spends two and a half hours throwing toys together, misunderstanding the heart and soul of American icons and pushing Batman to extremes even The Dark Knight Returns author Frank Miller might find disturbing.
    For his film, Snyder turns the caped crusader into a fascist and pits him against a dominionist warrior-Christ. If Snyder had more talent it would be an interesting battle. Instead it’s a film of sound, fury and missed opportunity.”

  6. Billy Bitzer says:

    “Not so super: why Hollywood’s cinematic universes are on the way out” “…Something similar seems to be happening in Hollywood right now when it comes to comic-book movies. Rival studios such as Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox have noted the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) model and would quite like their own piece of the pie. But try as they might, they cannot help but revert to older film-making models that have served them well in the past – and require rather less joined-up thinking.”

  7. The Biz says:

    June 12, 2019: “Abortion politics help fuel NM film boom” (Albuquerque Journal)
    “A recent spike in film productions and industry inquiries comes as New Mexico is set to more than double its annual state spending cap on film incentives, and as Hollywood targets both Georgia and Louisiana over recently passed restrictive abortion laws.
    …Already, the coming Amazon TV series production “The Power” reached out to New Mexico specifically because of the political climate in Georgia, according to the New Mexico Film Office.
    “The Power” will be a 10-part series based on Naomi Alderman’s 2016 novel in which women around the world suddenly gain the ability to electrocute people.”
    [“Broadchurch” producer Jane Featherstone and “The Handmaid’s Tale” director Reed Morano are teaming up for a TV adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s feminist fantasy novel “The Power” for Amazon. ]

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