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seppblatter moneyball

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is showered with cash by British comedian Lee Nelson, who interrupts a news conference in Zurich. Nelson, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, gained entry to the Fifa headquarters in Zurich and poured dozens of fake dollar bills over the stage, suggesting the money go towards a North Korea World Cup bid.


One thought on “Pic of the day

  1. Hooligan says:

    Liquidate FIFA? http://footballagents.org.uk/blog/liquidate-fifa “FIFA and those who would genuinely want to get urgent reform under way are in a direct collision course with US Federal authorities and their on gong investigation and potential prosecution of the current regime.
    This nexus of this collision will be the organisations money, and particular its ability to hold and distribute its revenue and assets around the world.
    Just as in the world of insolvency and restructuring the power and ability of a Court appointed official to seize control of bank accounts and records is swift and terrible to behold.
    The next step in the US Federal investigation is to start seizing control of bank accounts and records.
    Unless the new leaders of International Football can find a way to insulate the money of FIFA as it goes through its reforms and restructuring then they risk losing control of its money to US authorities.” (Guy Thomas, Insolvency Partner at Taylor Walton LLP Solicitors).

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