5 thoughts on “What do you do when ignorant is in charge?

  1. keaneo says:

    In our current disaster, we have little choice but to add support for a vague spineless Democratic Party to the list of specialized orgs and usually more grounded in science, history and courage. Sometimes the lesser of two evils is required to broaden defense of our freedoms. Sorry.

  2. Facepalm says:

    White House officials were alarmed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ struggle to answer basic questions about the nation’s schools and failure to defend the administration’s newly proposed school safety measures during a tour of television interviews Sunday and Monday, according to two sources familiar with their reaction. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/12/politics/white-house-officials-alarmed-at-betsy-devos/index.html DeVos is just the latest member of Trump’s Cabinet to come under scrutiny. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt were all scolded by officials from the White House counsel’s office and the Cabinet liaison after a series of embarrassing and questionable ethical behavior at their respective agencies.
    This isn’t the first time DeVos has made headlines. She also struggled to answer education questions during her contentious confirmation hearing before the Senate last January. At one point, she told Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy that some schools may require guns to fight off grizzly bears.

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