‘Blockbuster’ snowstorm heads east. Then a polar vortex drops in!

❝ After hammering California with rain and snow, a “blockbuster” winter storm is taking aim at the East, where as much as 40 inches of snow could fall over the weekend. Road travel may become impossible in the heavy snow, and flight delays and cancellations are likely.

After the storm heads offshore Sunday, the intense cold will be the main weather story as air straight from the Arctic will roar in, bringing below-freezing temperatures to 200 million Americans…

❝ Snowfall of 12-24 inches is likely to be more common in the heaviest band from the storm, according to the AccuWeather forecast. Blowing and drifting at the height and conclusion of the storm could cause the snow depth to vary by several feet…

❝ After the storm, the coldest air of the season will roar across nearly the entire eastern half of the country by Monday: About 200 million people will wake up to below-freezing temperatures Monday morning, as far south as Florida, according to weather.us meteorologist Ryan Maue. Maue said about 85 percent of the Lower 48 states will see temperatures at or below freezing.

I admit it. The [rare] accumulation of snow and cold we’ve had here in northern New Mexico recently is a PITA – I do not miss New England winters at all.

2 thoughts on “‘Blockbuster’ snowstorm heads east. Then a polar vortex drops in!

  1. FYI says:

    Forecasted average 500 mb geopotential heights (dam; contours) and geopotential height anomalies (m; shading) across the Northern Hemisphere from 20 – 24 January 2019. (b) Same as (a) except averaged from 25 –29 January 2019. The forecasts are from the 14 January 2019 00z GFS ensemble.

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