Caribbean Vikings happy to leave Trump’s Amerika

❝ President Donald Trump has been joking recently about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland. But now it’s Puerto Ricans who are the ones laughing — and many say they’d be happy with the trade.

Some called themselves the “Caribbean Vikings” and others shared all the benefits they would have if they stopped being a U.S. territory and became an autonomous Danish territory…

❝ “Denmark is the country with the best education in the world,” a man wrote on Twitter.

A Puerto Rican podcaster, known as Nieto, shared what some labeled as the Danish “Starter Kit.”

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

2 thoughts on “Caribbean Vikings happy to leave Trump’s Amerika

  1. Flashback says:

    On the afternoon of March 1, 1954, four armed Puerto Rican nationalists entered the United States Capitol building. Security guards stopped the group — consisting of three men and one woman — and asked them if they had cameras. They did not. The quartet then proceeded to an upper gallery of the House chamber. Below them, members of the Congress were debating a bill.
    They drew guns and began shooting down into the floor of the House. It was the the most severe assault in the history of the Capitol building. In all, five members of Congress were hit, and while some were critically wounded, they all survived.
    The 1950s were seeing progressively rising tensions between the U.S. and the Puerto Rican nationalists. In 1950, the United States granted permission to Puerto Rico to draft its own constitution, while more or less forbidding it a track to independence. The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, which had endured domestic suppression and conflict for two decades (one 1948 law prohibited the flying of the Puerto Rican flag), were outraged by what they viewed as colonial rule. On October 29, 1950, the party incited uprisings against U.S. and local government forces across Puerto Rico. America sent fighter planes armed with machine guns to control the riots. Nine nationalists were killed, including five who were executed in a police station without trial.

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