2 thoughts on “Holiday sales sure are special!

  1. Fire-sale says:

    “Geographer brings fresh perspective to study of US, world corruption in new books” https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-11/uok-gbf112818.php
    …”I become interested in the long and rich history of American corruption going back to the Credit Mobilier scandal in the 19th century to Teapot Dome in the 1920s,” Barney Warf said. “With the role of campaign finance and lobbying, I came to conclude the U.S. looks good in indices, but the reason why is that we’ve legalized corruption in the U.S. We’ve made bribery of officials in U.S. legal. Corporations spend $100 million per year per member of Congress — so it shouldn’t surprise us that corporations have undue influence.”

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