Russia sets conditions for withdrawal of remaining troops from Georgia

Russia will withdraw its troops from the “buffer zone” it has created in Georgia when they are replaced by international peacekeepers and once the Georgian government has signed non-aggression pacts with the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, said Moscow’s ambassador to London, Yuri Fedotov…

I think the European Union is knocking at an open door,” Fedotov said. “If the EU proposes a very clear plan on how to prevent a potential confrontation and further shelling in the territory of South Ossetia … then its not difficult to deploy 200 or 400 people in the zones and to allow Russia to withdraw its personnel. It depends on political will…”

As a further condition for withdrawal, he said the situation on the ground would have to “stabilise” and non-aggression agreements would have to be drawn up between Tbilisi and the two breakaway regions…

Russian leaders have blamed Saakashvili for starting the conflict. The Georgian president claims he only sent his troops into South Ossetia in an abortive attempt to pre-empt a long-planned Russian invasion aimed at occupying Georgia and removing him from office.

Either Saakashvili is a complete idiot – trying out a so-called pre-emptive strike against Russia – or the more likely scenario already offered of the Georgian functioning as a catspaw for Bush and Cheney to strike an October surprise for McCain the the U.S. election.

Since Cheney is over there, right now, bringing a billion dollar payoff – which looks more likely?

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