3 thoughts on “Slippery Ramp

  1. Ok then... says:

    Trump tells Fox News host Sean Hannity that doctors were ‘very surprised’ by his ‘unbelievable’ results on a cognitive test https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/07/10/trump-hannity-cognitive-test/
    It’s unclear exactly what cognitive test Trump was referring to in the interview. The most recent publicly disclosed cognitive test Trump took at Walter Reed was in January 2018, when the White House’s top physician said he got a perfect score. The exam Trump took then was the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which is designed to detect mild cognitive issues, largely in older people. The 10-minute exam asks patients to identify animals in pictures, draw a clock, and perform basic word-recall exercises. see https://www.parkinsons.va.gov/resources/MOCA-Test-English.pdf
    As The Washington Post reported last month, Trump’s preoccupation with projecting an image of intelligence and physical strength has intensified in recent months after critics mocked him for episodes such as shuffling cautiously down a ramp or slowly drinking a cup of water.
    At his campaign rally in Tulsa last month, for example, he spent more than 14 minutes explaining why he was moving slowly down the ramp and the water-drinking incident. At a White House Cabinet meeting in June, Trump again spoke about his performance on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment more than two years earlier, people familiar with Trump’s comments told The Post last month.

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