2 thoughts on “Nature changes seasons…

  1. Sneezy says:

    Climate Central estimates that since 1970, warmer weather has extended the growing season by 21 days. That’s 21 more days of allergens floating around in the air. https://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/maps/the-changing-growing-season-around-the-us
    Also: “According to laboratory studies, CO2 emissions can also spur pollen production directly. At atmospheric CO2 concentrations of 600 parts per million — which we could hit around 2060 on our current trajectory — ragweed pollen production could double relative to 2000 CO2 levels. In those conditions, each grain of ragweed pollen could also get 1.7 times more allergically potent. The story is similar for the production of Timothy Grass pollen, a major allergen in the early summer. Our CO2 emissions may be invisible, but the resulting pollen levels will clearly be felt.”

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