NJ Scammer Beat Facial Recognition Company for $900K

Department of Justice

ID.me—which gathers hordes of data from millions of Americans, including through facial recognition and phone records—managed to get duped by a guy in New Jersey.

Federal prosecutors said a New Jersey man used a large, curly orange wig to verify fake driver’s licenses from multiple states, allowing him to obtain $900,000 in federal unemployment funds from California. The revelation is a slap in the face of the company—which was contracted by 10 federal agencies and whose facial-recognition software was dropped by the IRS this week.

It would not comment to The Washington Post on how the suspect was able to exploit its software to claim the funds, but said “the tactics of fraudsters are constantly evolving” and it “uses extensive analytics and models to prevent identity theft.”

One would hope the Feds are doing a consistent job of this kind of work. Hustlers, scammers, even pranksters ain’t about to stop testing the bounds of ID (or any other) software.

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