Egg prices have soared 60% in a year. Here’s why!

The rising cost of eggs in the U.S. is denting household budgets. Americans in recent years have increased the number of eggs they consume while reducing their intake of beef and venison, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Egg consumption has grown in part because more families are eating them as their main protein substitute, Los Angeles Times reporter Sonja Sharp told CBS News. “Each of us eats about as many eggs as one hen can lay a year,” she said.

As demand for eggs has risen, production in the U.S. has slumped because of the ongoing bird, or “avian,” flu epidemic. Nearly 58 million birds have been infected with avian flu as of January 6, the USDA said, making it the deadliest outbreak in U.S. history. Infected birds must be slaughtered, causing egg supplies to fall and prices to surge…

Egg prices in December rose 60% from a year earlier, according to Consumer Price Index data released Thursday. Across U.S cities, the average price for a dozen large grade A eggs was $4.25 last month, according to figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis…

Sharp said prices will likely not fall again until after new chickens are born without the infection and grow to egg-laying age. More than 300 flocks of farm-raised poultry have been hit by the outbreak as of last Friday, according to USDA data.

And don’t hold your breath waiting for prices to return quickly to the “good old days” following a return to previous production scale. There isn’t an oversupply of producers or distributors in the GOUSA willing to be the first to give up inflated prices.

One thought on “Egg prices have soared 60% in a year. Here’s why!

  1. Eggs Ackley says:

    “WTF Is Going on With Absurd Egg Prices? Corporate Greed, Group Tells FTC
    Egg producers’ profit margins are soaring as Americans struggle to keep up with price hikes, Farm Action said in a letter to the FTC.”
    “Egg prices more than doubled for consumers last year – going from $1.788 in December 2021 to $4.250 in December 2022 for a dozen large Grade A eggs. Industry-aligned consultants and leading egg producers have blamed this dramatic increase on “supply disruption, ‘act of God’ type stuff.” As we detail below, however, the real culprit behind this 138 percent hike in the price of a carton of eggs appears to be a collusive scheme among industry leaders to turn inflationary conditions and an avian flu outbreak into an opportunity to extract egregious profits reaching as high as 40 percent.”Farm Action’s January 19th letter to FTC chair Lina Khan (see footnotes)

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